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On the tcMching of Patliology by the Case System. Supplemented

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In his last annual report the able and efficient health officer of

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excitation or blood changes there may be an intensification of the

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diac or the central cerebral ganglia the shock given to one

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Those who have noticed this individual can have no better proof of the

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On August he got wet through but remained well until the

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fectly flat tending to render the constant wearing of

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a constant supply is the right thing yet allow their arrangements to

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finally it is characterized by paralytic complications to which from their

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heel in which red fungous growths appear. It may be

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the tube was allowed to remain out for a few days convinced

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be referred to a Committee of three to report thereon.

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appearance of a hyperplasia or thickened conjunctiva with a

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observations or deductions but appealing only to a very limited expe

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approving the action of the College. Latterly as the College has

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riological examination of fluid removed showed nearly

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the effects of the toxin of the influenza bacillus.

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some circumstances in the evidence relating to Emma Chirms whose

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WARNINGS Caution patients about activities requiring alertness e.g.

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ous peritonitis set in and in less than three days this young wife

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Page CnAELES Colonel and Assistant Surgeon General

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numerous fractures of the bones of the limbs caused by the convulsive

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Census of giving the proportion of poorer class in

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reference to the remarkable diminution of the disease with the use of unshelled

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korperlichen Elemente im Blut und die Anwendbarkeit derselben auf das Blut

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recovered. Five weeks later in consequence of a journey

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are treated according to the general principles of surgery.

depression zyloprim

ten minutes and pick out carefully the centre or core. Two thick

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year for which vital statistics are complete. This Table

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