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to keep the physician's record clear among his colleagues
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notion of the lymphatics being continued from arteries seems
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numbness, and of pins and needles in her right foot, but tac-
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tuberculosis. 78 Osseous tuberculosis is assumed to occur
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port, develop, or cause to be introduced legislation granting
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accurately measured the pale globules both of the buffy coat of
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slightly higher than would have been expected in all three
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different fluids. And I find that it is by a determinate quantity
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taminated raw foods, such as hamburger in the above
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f. Special reports from laboratory, x-ray, consultations.
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thymus weighed half an ounce and upwards, and its average weight
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(7) Concentrate the clear fluid over a water bath at 76C. to 1-lOth
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lepidopterous insects, during the first few days of the pupa state, when
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brain, although not enough to warrant one in supposing the
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George E. Waring, Jr., and Dr. John S. Billings will
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have written on the figure of these vesicles in quadrupeds and
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a blurred, ill-defined disc, with some retinitis and effusion
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physicians once these regulations are implemented fully. This
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lymph served a very useful purpose and still continues
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vertebral angiography often is more difficult than catheter
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myelitis due to an unknown organism. Eighteen months prior
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States; it accounts for nearly 700,000 deaths a year. At least
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with mercury ; and that this is really the case I am convinced,
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glomeruli in the kidney of the lion and of the ass.
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the spine, I have mentioned only a few glands, and in Plate II,
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1887 Olivee, Thomas, M.D., 12, Elden Square, Newcastle-
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June of 1978. Currently, the activities of the Committee
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below the anus. It runs up towards the head, passes between
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the first use of the generic name. Proprietary names of
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pearance of The Journal; (2) the consolidation of the Annual
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M.D., be appointed as the offical representative of the Medi-
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A review of current literature suggests that two-thirds of
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influence they have, and are finding ways of holding costs down.
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• Greorge's Hospital in 1884, on account of an intra-
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for its discharge. Lastly, as to the manner of performing the
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Has 3 parts; A — Research how to assess quality; B — Endorsement as
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Cornell University Medical College, is pharmacologist consultant.
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In other rare instances, primary drug-resistant disease occurs
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situation and extent of this viscus ; but if we wish to deter-

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