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Surgical and Puerperal Scarlet i^ewer.— There is no proof

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The intermediate meeting of this Branch was held at

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on suprapubic cystotomy, by Dr. Gerrish ; and of course the

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Specimens; (2> Case of Excision of Tongue with Profeesor Ogston's

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being sent to the large estate known as Manston Hall.

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although not sleeping ; he cried out much at night, but the

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with a surgeon-major going home next trooping season, or one on the

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entitled La Donna Delinnuente (Criminal Woman), which

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£10,769 4s. od. In the previous year the amount added to the

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sato the decoration of the Third Order of Meiji. "'

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and at the same time take very little muscular exercise.- After listening

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I feel certain .Sir Peter must have overlooked the fact that this method

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During the month of April, however, a sudden increase in

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past wiUi the jiresent. Born in 1819 under the shadow of St.o

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Home Nubsing. — A highly encouraging report was -pre-

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extended into the occipital bone, as well as into the tem-

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trouble, medical officers of health will be so good as to make

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averystiange feature in this case that for several months

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a cholera hospital, and they had to levy a rate of '.id. in the pound for the

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patient five days earlier) to the coroner relative to the sudden death of

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of malignant disease, especially if there is an absence of the

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above, regulated quantities of the several hypnotics employed in the

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member for the remaining five years whieli would have filled

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under tlie Vaccination Acts should no longer be subjected to the same

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atic. Among the symptoms were three of prime importance :

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to proceed direct to Malta "on promotion," to replace Sur-

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]\Ioncrieft'. Dr. J. W. Moore, Vice-President of the College

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tissue together with fclema. The right ear is redder and

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so large, that this the oldest of Medical Societies in London

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caught cold, and was unable to tlirow it off. .Soon after it set in he and

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A counter-opening was then made above the crest of the ilium, and the

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specially for detecting where death may have been due to poison,

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it might be justifiable to wait, but it must be remembered that

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Surgeon-Major C. H. Be.atson, Medical Officer 10th Bengal Lancers, is

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nine healthy young medical officers sent to India under the

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notification, isolation, and disinfection are made compulsory

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