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would requu-e at least a quantity equivalent to thi-ee-
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the doctrine of the Mansion-house in regard to Sani-
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a so-called inner os. The uterine isthmus could never
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and the blue line round the teeth, arising fi-om the
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four hours with gradual disappearance of cyanosis, oedema, albumin-
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times, and the staphylococcus and bacterium coli 2 times. The
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of the medical officers of health of the metropolis was
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fest, the obstruction showed signs of yielding, and
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and all the more willingly because the observations were made during
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lowed. In rheumatic fever, too, we found the use of
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tation to, 433 ; report of, 532 ; M. Behic's report
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I find it sold off, and a new one called for before I
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treatment consists in a supply of vital stimuli found
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of milk is rapidly diminished, and soon ceases altojether."
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adults, the average weight was 9| lbs. ; the weight
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but the principal inconvenience was the loss of voice.
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delusion — very much hke Col. Isaacson's cure of it
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digestion, and varies continually according to other
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as loss of memory, peevishness, and headache. Surely
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causes of its occasional failure, and of the fatal results
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impart from his experience one contribution to such
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physiologist it is seen that when a piece of ice is held on a plate
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of potash was used as a common drink. In the collapse
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yellow color, or darker with a brownish hue from the accumulation
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most satisfactory results, by providing a perfect pro-
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report of tlie late Sir B. Brodie, who thus revised
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the place, and take it off on leaving and have it at
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nerve-force, excited by alcohol, is followed by a cor-
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vitalised, passes on to the heart, and its place is in-
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marks were distinct ; yet I have had but one failure;
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small rounded spots or stains scattered over the sur-
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by long habit, to be rather relished than otherwise ;
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to discover an abscess in the walls of the heart. Bonetus in his
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not limited to hydrocele, since it is equally effica-
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nounced it assumes prominence and gives much greater gravity to the
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gras. Nor did anj r one ever hear, he says, of a young porker fattened
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tion of tubercular matter in the peritoneiuu, brain,
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to speak of their gratuitous suppositions, of their as-

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