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tolerably extensive blood extravasations were present under the tentorium,
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absent, in instances of the most extensive and destructive inflammation; neither
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affinity of sulphuric acid for water, the formation of which it determines at the
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*' 16 — Dr. R. Reddick, Winchester, elected ; opposed by Dr. R. F
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immediately dependent upon the diminution of the degree of excitation
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lungs, compels this surplus oxygen to combine with whatever has the
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looked. It is a consideration of great importance, and much remains to be learned
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ligature, but there is no reason whatever to suppose that the latter had
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of Mr. Kenny, the surgeon, and while there, was affected with a nervous
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water " is one of the blessings for the donation of which a sure reward has
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Department, Toronto General Hospital ; Surgeon, Victoria Hospital for Sick Children.
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localized venous infarction of the distal ileum. The
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an excellent liaison with the nursing organizations and
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survived only a few hours. Dr. EUis, of Michigan, in 1844, tied both of
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the vitellary membrane, it could not have possessed a chorion shaggy and
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There was also a slight inflammation of the glands of Peyer in one or
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Case 3 (Dr. Makeling). ^t. 6]4 years. Taken ill first on Oct. ist.
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the year 1846. By William H. Stokes, M. D., Physician.
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practice, and to do what I can to teach others, especially my students, how
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nearest neighbor, a woman rushing out and hailing one of the men with,
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vessel under which the ligature was placed and were convinced that it was
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The mental as well as physical powers become rapidly and greatly re-
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years old this affection was attended with double vision, but without pain or other
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turned their backs on the materialistic world, affect-
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The answer at once is, this very knowledge is at the foundation of all his studies.
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summer, and the diseased condition of the shoulder, from the first injury,
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dermic syringe through the trocar. Strychnine, cocaine, and other drugs have
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although I am an old man, and in the course of nature not likely to prac-
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patient (and sometimes around the eye itself) should be excluded, c. That the
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