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many authors. It is impossible to pass each chapter in review before us, and

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to lie off. Suitable glasses, directed to the correction of the astigmatism

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roid, upon a knowledge of which assertion, rests one of the operations for

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body will be in lodges, and all the practice will be lodge work. The

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quisite sensibility of the parts, no attempt was at first made to introduce

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solution of ammonium phosphate to a drop of the expressed fluid on a

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And in this connection I cannot forbear mentioning the manner-;-at once

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The Spleen seemed of good consistence in all — tearing with a granular

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33. Magnus, I. A.: The cutaneous porphyrias; Seminars

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kept repeating the iron for about three hours. After that they bled very

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a sarcoma of the right kidney filled two-thirds of the abdominal cavity,

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Every contribution to our knowledge of tubercular diseases is so useful, that we

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part meeting with no obstruction, it showed that there was no angular

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grading of a course in Immediate Care of the Sick and

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given by M. Lowenhardt, of Prenzlau, in which he evacuated the contents of the

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on the functions of the organs, and concerning the action of the current in

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then, are two well authenlicated instances of partial dislocation of the two orbicular

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peritoneal operations cannot be established. But the greater our experi-

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on the contrary, there is no observable morbid action or product distinct from the

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Under surface of vocal cords and interior of larynx and trachea, as far

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July number of the American Journal of the Medical Sciences.*

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cortex. Section of this quadrant does not sacrifice any

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est number of dislocations of the patella, caused by muscular action alone, ought

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except on movement, when it was considerable. Shortly before coming

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hmited to the United States, but only by the boundaries of the western

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she appeared in a state of ceaseless anxiety. Pain was complained of "all

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The writer of this, greatly regrets that he has not had the facilities of

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of the humerus, and dislocation of its head ; there being deformity and

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sicians specializing in internal medicine in the same

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