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obstruction of the pylorus. Emaciation is not a symptom of the disease, and hence
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various institutions reveals the fact that the majority are in favor of the adop-
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brought under my notice, were not qualified to give information on this
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it just at this spot, but on cutting through and reversing the outer layer,
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chee River Medical Society; Dr. Bohler’s candidacy
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thick humours. Paulus yEgineta describes the Iberis et sylvestre Nasturtium as
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regarded as an ordinary inflammation. Thus most cases of tuberculous
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organ. All the morbid phenomena have been ascribed by some pathologists to
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'‘harmaceutical Therapeutics in Dermatology, Springfield, ill., Charles C Thomas, 1968,
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both by Drs. Mackenzie and Jones. The former punctured it and perhaps
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Without attempting to point out every unimportant symptom that may
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and is difficult of digestion. Among the people of Chiloe, this sea-moss occupies
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We may suppose the obliterations in the course of the efferent ducts of the
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ments, with Report of Cases, Reuben Peterson, Grand Rapids, Mich.; (11) The
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creasing the accessibility of medical care is devised,
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it has been remarked that he displays in his general deportment, a decided
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section. From his recent experiments with ether, he concludes that its action
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catarrh and in gastric ulcer. Nausea, due to disease of other abdominal or
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cases previous to the occurrence of convulsions, and it was considerable, except
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tions followed the administration of ergot. The period at which this effect begins
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thirty-six living children. Another claimant for an increased allowance is Mr.
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has progressed with almost electrical rapidity, thanks to the labours of a
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him. He said his sensations were so dreadful that he would rather undergo any
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obvious that this is a perfectly legitimate expendi-
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withstanding her advanced age, subsequently to the birth of the appellant, was
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cold water; the mortality among children in Philadelphia is said to have
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May 29th. Had severe chill, followed by low delirium. I saw him
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other pains, are benefitted by remaining in water of 60° to 62° F., for an
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symptoms of subacute peritonitis and intestinal strangulation manifested them-
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“. . . A youth approached me. He was bearded; his
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and comparison with coronary arteriography in 84 patients;
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of the human organism. If it does not present as thorough an in-
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These S-T abnormalities may appear when rapid heart rates occur, but, more

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