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E. Post, Professor of Surgery in the Syrian Protestant Hospital at
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subcutaneous emphysema is rare. Primary diagnosis is based,
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" The wealthy suburban resident does not suffer so much
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females with the characteristic blond complexion, etc. Bryonia
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resorted for trade, and in places through which they travelled.
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daughter of Deacon Jonathan Marsh, and a granddaughter of Han-
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coast-line from Fisher's Island, the Connecticut shore, Watch
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for years the position of visiting surgeon to that hospital and also
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the Skin in the Hahnemann Hospital College of San Fran-
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upper cervical vertebrae. The anchylosis is incomplete, allow-
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academy in Nicholasville, Jessamine county, Kentucky; pursued his
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on account of her extreme nervousness, and waited for the end.
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1879. He entered upon the study of medicine at the College of
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On his return to America, in 1839 he was appointed to the chair
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faithfully test the power of homoeopathy, and to realize one's
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blood at the time the menses are due, or even at other times
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Pepper. Many interesting facts, however, concerning the
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others have noticed it in one-third of the cases. Issue of air
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the congress. That this success has been bought at the price
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^ATHAN A. WARREN, M.D., was born in Hubbardstown, Massa-
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general private practice, and with that object opened office at No.
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quite unprepared piece of the jugular vein of a sheep. A
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reason to be satisfied with the editors' justice and discrimination.
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lows : Horace Packard, M.D., president; W. H. White, M.D.,
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entirely different line of practice, to offer such radical
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tion, extending over a series of years, of any single class of cases
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superficial branches of the posterior primary divisions of the
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The treatment recommended is, in the majority of cases, con-
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N. L. Damon, M.D., formerly of North Middleborough, has located at Cohasset,
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the subjects covered by Orthopaedic Surgery. His principal essays
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mucus, with sore nostrils (Hering) ; or of bloody mucus or pure
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If all these injuries be taken as a whole, the pointed bullets
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In regard to his wide difference of opinions then and now, I
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and scientific research. He has not neglected his civic duties and
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Read before the Meeting of the New York Obstetrical Society, April 14, 1914) ;
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diagnosis, which may have to be renewed by the different

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