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was done under chloroform. The entire hand was carried into the vagina.
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failing in strength rapidly, there should be as little delay as possible. The
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system. Tizzoni and Cattani have had gratifying results in a number of
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parts; commercial nitric acid, (density about 1380,) 200 parts: dissolve the mer-
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enlarged as to occupy the whole anterior region of the neck — its two horns ex-
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attending and their wives on February 19, 1972 at the
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and opinions are not referred to, and often quoted at great length. Indeed, the
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necessary that it should be properly done — done in a thoroughly surgical
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For a valuable account of another embryon (1837) we are indebted to
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ordy animal food which is generally agreeable, and it is highly appropriate. Pure
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eased part with sufficient firmness to induce venous stasis, the skin being
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treatment consisted in the employment of massage and passive movement.
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circulation are diuretics, and vice versa; this must be something more
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into each other, there being no distinct interval between them.
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nizable. Regarding the treatment of catarrhal jaundice, he advocated the
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mainly concerned in the function of respiration, it is not ing^probable that the want
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through a portion of the posterior annular ligament.
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endemic at Vera Cruz, both places being nearly parallel in latitude, both
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practitioner; but, if we are not mistaken, for the instruction of the student,
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bed. His weight was 136 pounds. At the expiration of twenty days the
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did not read a paper. Dr. Montgomery, of San Francisco, is a Canadian,
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adopted by the author, is merely intended to express the fact, that this fe-
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nales; 2, the canal of the epididymis may become obliterated about the tail of the
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by his colleagues, as shown by his unanimous election to the presidency
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acid and glairy regurgitations, and sometimes vomiting ; six months later
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For centuries, epidemic after epidemic passed over Europe without
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constantly supplied by cold drinks, a surplus of animal heat is also accumu-
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Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, University of Toronto ; Physician to the
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ter, were attacked with fever, the day after the man's death, and died with
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which the cause of death was found in the entrance of air into the veins.
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Formulae in use by author. Iodoform gauze : Soak a piece of gauze,
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an affection of the blood, and besides this, the many changes, primary or second-
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when month after month of unmitigated effort on the part of the teacher
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portion of their course the prominent symptoms. The morbid heat of the

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