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complete reUef. The doctor showed the kind of trephine he used, being
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blood-vessels and nerves, the lesion necessarily consequent to such an ope-
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experienced an awe-inspiring revelation of the secret
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abdominal surgery realize that he was such a man. His record, perhaps
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get the universities and other corporations to make concessions such as
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Alonday, llth, 10 *^^. M. — Cathartic did not operate until after one
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a diabetic diet to be enforced. The presence of acetone or diacetic acid
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on the brain substance that would admit the tip of the finger. There was
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same time, the author, in injecting the subcutaneous tissue, passes his
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vocal ligaments, in regulating the pitch of the voice, which he considers as re-
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tem, insisting upon the fact that, in the great majority of cases of morbus casruleus,
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19th of same continued gradually diminishing. Two years after operation there was no appear-
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Three pieces of gut, each a yard long, were wound on glass slides
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lumbricoides. There were clusters of the berries of the sol. dulc. hanging
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the form that is most common in men and women combined. Deaths from carci-
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The next paper was by Dr. J. D. Gibb Wishart, the subject being
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l^'here were caries of the inner part of the petrous portion of the left
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mild asymptomatic diabetic patients with abnormal glucose
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to me that it can be successfully opposed not only by a. priori considera-
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elastic bougies from any one of the incisions to the others. The sloughs
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division. This circumstance saved the lives of other members of the
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changing its environments into itself, and the products of its secreta.
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" We have endeavoured at various times to ascertain from the insane themselves
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applied, the horizontal posture was maintained, and mild purgatives administered.
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In the case reported, it seems indisputable that the icterus was caused
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a contribution towards supplying the gap existing, among the observations
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of Certificates of Appreciation will be selected jointly
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anterior portion of the fracture, which on careful examination we diagnosed as an
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tients, and from the data thus obtained, concludes that " the size of the heads of

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