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the water has bred confidence. This is not, however, the " cramp " which

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the auricular septum is perfectly closed ; and two cases are upon recordf in which

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salt and partly free, or entirely a sub-salt. It is to these two salts, that the property

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photo-engravings and colored plates. In one crown octavo volume, 360

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lings, the numbness of the extremities, the nerve-stress, the nerve-storms,

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Surgeon to the Victoria Hospitiil for Sick Children, Toronto.

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follow the use of boiled milk than of raw milk, and for this reason it has

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dation Which Are Set Forth in The Charter Under the Purposes:

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the nature of the colouring matters of the blood and bile. The following are his

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most promising feature of curative and preventive medicine. As it is

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whereas extremity inuscular twitching points to in-

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was 220 days old. Pelzer's method of injecting two ounces of glycerine

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labor had not been attended with eclampsia, and that women oftener die

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left parietal protuberance being towards the os uteri. The os uteri was

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years drying. To strip them down to the proper size, the process should com-

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radiant, and beautifully dressed, took her seat, while King Humberto, in

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49. Cold Water in cases of severe Burns. By Dr. Kusten. — A case of very ex-

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tom. Ingluvin is likewise beneficial in dyspepsia, when produced by functional

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The results of my own investigations are almost entirely confirmatory of Dr.

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remarked that " it is proposed not to conduct to the sea the pathogenic

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tremely poor, and had been compelled to remain in Liverpool many weeks,

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be interesting to members of the medical profession : " Upon the whole, and

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explanation, nor the similar dangerous effects of cold water applied to the

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now Professor of Anatomy in the University, published a memoir in 1845, " On

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Toronto, September 24-28, on his return, after which he went to Baltimore.

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had been drinking to excess, and upon his arrival at the Golden Ball, King street,

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der the words of the act, that the death following the concealment of the Urihj is

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the evening now manifested itself with frequent jactitations and great

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nication has occasioned the cyanosis; but the first cause of the disease must be

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could be seen collections of fluid, which would account for the colic.

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