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exhibit and selling price. All entries must be ruled ac-
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H. Beck, Ass. Surg., IJ. S. A. (Communicated in a letter to the Editor,
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corder of Philadelphia (Richard Vaux), said the facts which appear are these: —
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not full, nor feeble. R. — Hydrarg. submur. gr. vj ; pulv. opii gr. iss ; ft. pil.
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formation, or increased vital activity. The abstraction of heat, then, ac-
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growth and development of hygienic and preventive medicine are slowly
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poisoning, mental alienation, and various cutaneous eruptions.
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meter; they are more abundant, and of larger size upon the surface of the middle
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on the artery, gave some relief; the benefit derived from it was only
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pncBa, — and spitting of blood. Death also has followed its use in many instances;
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Free trade in medical education, without the interference of any central
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ders the greater probability to be, that the disease of the intestinal follicles
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and quite offensive, at times consisting entirely of blood, not painful ; no
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felt on pressure at the pit of the stomach, but not invariably ; more so, probably,
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Both sections then adjourned. About two hundred of the members
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paludal miasmata as the cause of yellow fever in Bulam, surrounded by
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'^For want of this simple mode of investigation, many physicians, I am con-
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176 pages. Price, $1.50. London : H. K. Lewis, 136 Gower street, W.C.
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Dr. Lett, of Guelph, spoke of its nervous phenomena. This form was
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the administration requested, but $200 million below
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swer as well as a lead one ; if so, I should infinitely prefer it, as the lead
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of the ear. Dr. Laurence Turnbull, the well-known otologist of Phila-
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which they present, there are others which require but the scrutiny of an
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(3) Frochdes' reagent = Gives a red color reaction.
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languages. Its methodical arrangement, conciseness, accuracy and practical cha-
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quence of extraordinary exertion, repletion, or transient causes of pulmonary ob-
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tubercles are formed in the blood by a defective action of the organs of
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when injected into animals, causes fever, prostration, loss of flesh, and
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an internal hernia through an opening in the omentum. Skene Keith

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