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gouts, ni les desirs, ni les affections personnelles ; I'idiot [cretin] fait acte,
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arms were never affected. At this time the patient's rectum was very
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ever they like, so all Russians can perspire at will. Give them a cup of tea, a
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might be produced by the secretion of the diseased prostate gland, which
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fibrin of the blood favours hemorrhage, we have a plausible explanation of the
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the uterus, so soon as seven minutes after its administration, whilst in others, a
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a nervous depression altogether out of proportion to the other symptoms
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them ; his remarks, in relation particularly to their therapeutic management,
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with it, out of these materials, as yeast is generated during the vinous fer-
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never known to exist in these spots before'? Why is it sometimes communicated
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This is universally admitted in the treatment of domestic animals.
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might lead to coma. Ebstein changes the diet gradually, the more slowly
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poison producing the disease, causes a change in the condition of the
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rally direct it to be dissolved in tincture of cinchona, by which it is of course de-
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bladder-wall, but the tissues around the bladder. He believes that the
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guaiacol, and from here it exerts its medicinal effect.
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One should bear in mind that even since the development of image intensified
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National Institutes of Health (mostly biomedical re-
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described, asthma stridulum and croup. These differ, however, in many points;
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care, so that I was unable to make frequent examinations as
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separated from the urethral canal by a less dense tissue, thus allowing of
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as a routine measure twice a day during the pberperium.
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and some, by failure, bring discredit on the originator, or else rush into
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Before speaking of any particular wounds, I will here take occasion to make
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shall comprehend what takes place in the different kinds of vesico-vaginal fistula,
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Edgar Boling of Atlanta has been elected president-
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done much more work during the last two or three years than most of our
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in the uterus, in cases of Fallopian impregnation, BischofF combats, by observing
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accidental separation of the chorion, but the amniotic opening on the dorsum
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directly proportional to the degree of immunity of the first and the amount
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quent reaction from the cold bath, causes the cutaneous surface and the

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