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lism. In the majority of the cases that fell under my care during the epi-

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etc. Then the prostate gland is forced out from the rectum, and immedi-

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deprived of lymphatics, and which seemed to furnish an example con-

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which, in certain quarters, we have to confess we are utterly unable to

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Tests, (i) Iodic acid = Reduces all the bases of this class.

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hicular accidents in Georgia — which exceeds by far

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At four years of age she could recite little prayers by heart, could knit

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dition in a recent contribution on the study and cure of laparocele, and

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time of the next Annual Session. The Speaker of the

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(3) The more direct connection of the subcutaneous tissue with the

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visit it, and breathe its foul air. But how explain that the disease shall then spread

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year immediately preceding reinstatement.” So that the

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with salve. A round tuberculated swelling was now seen, firm to the touch, floating

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examination was made of Mr. Gladstone's right eye on Thursday, the 19th

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This society has published its transactions for about twenty-five years. This

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you now possess of disciplining the profession. Have you exercised that

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The Iberis amara is a true cress. — Frov. Med. and Surg. Journ., July 28th, 1847.

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copious perspiration by the cold bath, proper food, and exercise ; it is better

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tic hypertrophy, accompanied by urethral stricture, cystitis, and severe

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remedies is given, each drug being separately discussed as to its therapeutic

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and difficult, and so encumbered with rolling stones and decaying leaves,

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Electro-Therapeutic Association, and appointed chairman of the Standing-

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fatal cases were traumatic, and the symptoms of the disease declared themselves

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and McNeel, D. P.: Percutaneous thoracic and high cervical

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delivery by increasing flow, and at some point the in-

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" I have already endeavoured to account for the malignant character assumed

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displacing it forwards and outwards. The optic nerve and vessels had

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urine in ^^ strumous disease.''^ Scrofula and tubercular deposits are re-

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granted, the question of the origin of tubercle, so far as inflammation is

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