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Resolution 72-7, Recovery of Costs Incurred in Fee Collections

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Between these two Dr. Griffith has placed a division of plants with naked seeds,

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one cannot appreciate the difficult and colossal undertaking of the author.

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ance of chronic inflammatory processes (in the genital tract) without the

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nection with the asylum at Utica, has made observations on the pulse of lj234

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It will be next in order to ascertain the existence of personal condi-

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depth of colour of the rete-mucosura; being still darker in mulattoes and negroes.

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of another physician, but he understood she died some days afterwards of effusion

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all tenderness gradually disappeared. I therefore combined with my diag-

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Frank H. Mayfield, M.D., Cincinnati, Ohio — Neurosurgery

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twelve have been such, while the remainder, exclusive of idiots and epileptics,

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cealment of the death. So that if the hirth is concealed, and death unknown to

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high hat, or dressed too dudishly, or drove too fine a turnout ? Have you

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rectum infiltrated with cancer, and intimately adherent. Walls of sigmoid

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complaint, in those patients whom I saw at the beginning of their sickness.

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ously aggravate the disease they were intended to relieve." — (New York Journal of

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acetate of lead, to the amount of from ^ to | of a grain, but we believe this

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capillaries are all enfeebled; the blood, therefore, collects in the veins and in the

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be refilled only on specific instruction of physician. In treating

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their blood-vessels, together with an unsually large quantity of secretion which

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which, as well as the character of the operation proposed, the Dr. fully

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clinical response was concerned. All patients in both

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farther continuance of the hemorrhage. Before half an hour had elapsed, how-

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being most frequent during infancy and adolescence, it follows that at these

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are not immersed in the water ; hence its principal action is on the lower

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efficacy in every portion of the United States, known only within a local sphere,

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lar Disease of the Kidney,'''' mentions a sub-acute form, in which there

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orifice was discovered in the tubercle; but, on turning it up, upon its in-

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he would fortify the closure by the addition of the en masse suture. What

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