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the fourth week, whilst that of the axillary remained until in the eighth

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curate when it is done by physicians of similar skill and practicing in a similar

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cussion normal, with mucous and sonorous rales posteriorly; pulse 140,

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cipitously. Unfortunately for our therapeutic hopes,

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mal; indeed, as far as is known, only man has devel-

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commencement, Feb. 18th, 1847. By M. L. Knapp, M. D., Prof. Mat. Med., &c.

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microbic invasion, and rid itself spontaneously, or with a little aid, of all

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For measles and varicella sixteen days will be sufficient.

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similar to that reported above. The calculus was for some time but a matter of

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armamentarium in the treatment of carefully select-

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The whole work is a highly interesting one — piiesenting a very large amount of

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dents, Secretary, Treasurer, Speaker of the House of

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. But little flooding followed, and, after the exhibition of an anodyne, the

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effusion of serum under the scalp and communicating with the meninges of the

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27. Mellanby, E.: The rickets-producing and anti-calcify-

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cated by septic endocarditis, makes the following comments : The case

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white to a deep amber, and in consistence, from a slightly viscous fluid, to a firm

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friends from the United States were making an extra effort to make the

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without, however, any of the characteristics of the vaginal mucous mem-

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infiltration of a sero-purulent fluid in the loose cellular tissue of the neck.

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the motions of the mouth. For a long time we hoped to rectify the cartilage by

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Owing to insufficiency of light in the cell, but more particularly to the

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stained ; the blood was dark-coloured and fluid, one only containing a co-

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which, as in other cases observed, passed off in twenty-four or thirty-six hours

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Board of Family Practice serves as the physician of

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cies to create a Department of Human Resources. It created a 15-man Board

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preservation and welfare of those weaker and more helpless than our-

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basis of all medical practice, regardless of whatever

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72, and moderately full ; bowels regular ; leg much less than the other ;

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ter. (On the essential nature of Scrofula). According to Barthez and Rilliet, to

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tion of general practitioners in practice.^ With the i

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to emphasize the importance and practicability of the prevention of

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and as it advanced and assumed the continued form, there was a strong tendency

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and greater than that through which we pulled Mrs. D.'s child.— See drawing of the

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ening of the brain. Thus the acute stage of cerebral tubercle may com-

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Brienz and Thun lay at our feet, encircled by lofty mountains, of which

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parative safety. On the contrary, when the skin is in a morbid state, ulceration

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of drug (carcinoma of the pancreas or other biliary obstruction

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