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the ankle and shoulder. — Epitome^ British Medical Journal.
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majority of the physicians of East Toronto, and has consented to be
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Preuschen {Centralblatt fur Gynakologie) contributes an outline
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Mistreatment, early in the disease, is a well regulated mixed diet, stimulation
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2Sth. Better ; pulse 80, soft ; skin moist ; tongue clean ; appetite good ;
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well-recognized features of carbuncle. The process continues until the
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obstinate vomiting with emaciation. M. Verhoogen considers that it is
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to provide a satisfactory review. Unless doctors are willing to perform responsible
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remains normal, and even the appetite may be good. There is tender-
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Dissection showed no vestige of sac remaining. Left carotid was obliterated from the bifurcation
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76. Ledoyenh Disinfecting Fluid. — This article appears to be exciting considerable
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and anaemic females usually complain of frontal headache and great pain
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in line 5 on Page 2 of the report, so that the recom-
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produced by its application is controlled entirely by the previous use of a
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analgesia of the whole digit, not of the skin only, but also of the tendons,
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extending from the vagina towards the rectum, tending to run round the
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letter press. By Joseph Carson, M. D., Prof. Mat. Med. in Phil. Coll. Pharm.,
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In its continuing effort to expose the true cultist na-
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It has been time consuming, but a distinct pleasure
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reporting two cases. The disease usually attacked both ovaries. Two
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in the public interest, continue its efforts to bring about
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considered as spasmodic." It is only, however, when the spasm in the
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attacked with fever, which proved fatal in a few days. A man who had
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in whatsoever part of the body it may be deposited, why should the dis-
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her and heard her give the maid orders to prepare a bed for him, but as soon as
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'•'■Progress and development of the disease. — The structural disease comes on so
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serious, and others simple. One patient, we will say, is in his teens, or not far
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Fluoroscopy should never be done as an isolated procedure. The patient fiuoro-
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distilled water, the one molecul-e of the medicine would exist isolated
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in the cervix posteriorly and anteriorly. The uterus, tubes, and ovaries
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angles of the mouth there was dark frothy blood. She had had black vo-
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of delicate tubes than of globules and large tubes — about thirty or fifty to one, more
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