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The two face presentations occurred, the one before my former report,

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absolutely worthless. It may be concluded that it is next to impossible to

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pulse, decided to operate on following day. Examination of urine showed

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It appears to me that the timing had to be figured out, since the Legislature con-

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curred in various places and at various times, for ex-

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Genoa, who was followed by representatives of foreign committees, etc.,

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things, but again, the cost of this kind of education

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intend to deceive in any reply made to the numerous interrogatories put

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there ensue, as a result of the mechanical properties of the pus corpuscles, stag-

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every local disease which is accompanied by a secretion of this substance,

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smallpox, cholera, scarlet fever, diphtheria, or typhoid fever is greeted

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In conclusion, we must express our regret that our limited time and

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their full-time services be made available to the legis-

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a case, if not identical; at least analogous to that of M. Brulet. It is described as

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tions for the management of this important malady, as laid down by the

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The monthly contributors have to be constantly prodded to get their material in

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means by which the circulation is maintained at all; and here the state of the

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gauze advocated by Diihrssen should not be used on account of the

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spirits, and the evening went all too quickly. Vice-Chancellor Mulock graced

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13. Fourman, P. and Royer, P.: Uremic osteodystrophy,

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that time no signs of the disease have returned. — Rev. Internat. de Biblio-

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dence of osteitis fibrosa, osteomalacia or osteosclero-

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less than five minutes it was normal in frequency, but weak.

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In reference to the case last mentioned, Dr. Kirkbride makes the following very

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gates to the Annual Session this year. With one of the

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panel on “Problems in Pediatric Anesthesiology.”

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word “Speaker” the word “Treasurer.” Also delete the

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dilection of carbuncle is "the dense and fibrous integuments over the

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There are just one or two points to which I wish to refer : (i) A

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Delirious at times, and very weak. He died on the 3rd.

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currence or continuance, in a more aggravated grade of the original dis-

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with the tenaciously adherent lymph so characteristic of venereal; on the contrary,

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these "intracutaneous" trials of the various solutions of cocaine, first appear-

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according to its temperature. The third, when the water is very cold, is

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the canal, more particularly of the colon, multiplies the number and increases the

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I was then informed that there had been a return of the pain and stiffness

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lungs were affected, caused an unwillingness to have recourse lo an operation,

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W. accord with those entertained by those physicians who, with the best

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interesting cases he had had, outlining the symptoms, diagnosis, and treat-

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