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.from a distance. In recent years the members resident in Toronto have

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The importance of our diagnostic methods is well illustrated in Case 6.

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ing surface of a placenta, except that the colour was almost black. The

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which drugs have been administered ; so the vogue which has been re-

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his amorous advances to the dusky maidens around him, has ever resulted

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four of them around me smiling and playing with the buttons of my coat,

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sequently, interference with the growth of the limb — is not well taken, for

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ful act if Dr. Samson at once retired from the contest.

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It is, probably, owing to the insidiousness of attack and protracted devel-

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excuse such expressions; but with a mortality almost nil there is no excuse

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removed from the ship at the Lazaretto, in a state of great prostration, yet

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scribed it " in splenicis et coxendicibus;" and in an epistle to Aristo, which is

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is a subject upon which I cannot venture to enlarge here, because it involves the

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cases, in which mercury has been given in excess, that the purifying and

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blood-vessels — 2, vascular irritation, or active congestion ; 3, depression,

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erative recovery period and the short hospitalization.

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recommend them when other good foods could be prescribed. He

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proper membranes, which, preserving the character of true serous mem-

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tions as to convince himself of its error, and such as might lead him to the truth.

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other class of cases. In tracing the inflammatory changes, he gave an account

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manner as to produce the well-known bright arterial tint.

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In febrile diseases, there is nothing more effectual in diminishing the

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days, but fatal attacks of peritonitis or deaths from chronic abscess or from

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for cases of appendicitis, those gentlemen being engaged in a special investiga-

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tion will take place in fractures but because of the

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my pride ought to be lowered by a consideration of the fact that a large

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the regulations. Anyone found willfully violating the price stabilization regulations

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highest ideal when we do our utmost to preserve and prolong human life,

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onset of the attack. The eyes have a dull, red, glassy look; there is in

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