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prefer the syrup of the iodide of iron to any other compound of iodine ; but the pro-

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aaracteristic and predictable. After 3 or 4 days of treatment, erythema

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in 1879, was diagnosed as lupus, and had reached the size of a quarter of

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between the line of the conjugate diameter and the right ilium. Here there \^'as an

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For external support, preference is given to plaster of Paris, extending

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temporary rest; yet, until some new light is obtained, they can be nothinfj; more

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carriers. The success of that effort led to the ap-

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opium, and five grains of extract of hemlock, to be given at night. He

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and Paracelsus' idea of the vita propria of the organs was set aside as a

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engaged in the Niger Expedition, as well as that of their own vessel, and

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bodying our own views: — "In persons of that peculiar constitution which

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action and absorption are set up in what remains, and the parts adjacent become

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A number of years ago, when the latest incumbent of the chair of

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Heart," R. A. H. MacKeen, Cow Bay, Cape Breton, N.S. ; "Address in

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sometimes measly, at other times scarlaiinous in its appearance. It is a rare ex-

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ing” U.S. death toll from accidents — more than 1 15,000

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Uterus, E. W. Cushing, Boston, Mass.; (29) Chronic Progressive Atrophy of

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the vomit floated on the surface, having the appearance of a dark cobweb

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Prepared at the request of the Committee on Professional Education of the Georgia Heart Association.

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kind may be allowed, as boiled milk, tapioca, arrowroot, or sago, or thin

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I communicated this to Dr. Shindle, at my last interview with him, and he

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the morbid condition of these organs, owing to their anatomic structure

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gate from this association at the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of

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tional Commission for the Study of Nursing and Nurs-

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extended our notice beyond the limits at first proposed, we must now

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scrofulous subjects more particularly. It should be recollected, that persons cannot

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sleep. Pulse 90, and smaller than this morning. Has much difficulty in

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away with the strong impression resting in the mind of every man that nothing can.

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to leave Boston, and remained abroad until 1782. He

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and its width four and a half; the cavity was capable of containing from

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of the tumor upon receiving cyclophosphamide therapy. Three patients with hepa-

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eases, and all honor to the men through whose patient, persevering toil

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diately reduced to its proper position. The knee immediately regained its shape,

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amphitheatre of the Normal School being well filled by medical men, lady

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T. McGhee, M.D., as Vice Chairman, Board of Health;

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usually the first the author has observed, is a diminution in the frequency of the

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of stairs six feet, the head striking upon a stone. Right parietal bone was de-

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