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ing symptoms pointed in the direction of obstruction to the outflow of bile ;
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“some irresponsible opponents of reorganization . . .” and I presume all of us
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assigned to them, as long ago as the year 1691, although his opinion has not been
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of the muriate because it is more agreeable to the stomach. He gives
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currences were lower than those for penicillin as re-
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to be followed by injurious consequences. Then again, where the skin itself is
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Morton, Nesbitt, Pauling, Peters, Raikes, Ross, Smith, Starr, Stephen, and
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nic bronchitis, cured by the administration of strychnia, ^' Having been afflicted,"
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St. John before for twenty years. Fraternal delegates were introduced :
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A. K. Ferguson, C. B. Shuttleworth, A. L. Danard, H. R. Frank, Thos. Kerr.
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No. 18, vision of the left eye became seriously aflected on the eleventh
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the subsfitution of those incapable of doing so, such as are commonly called slops,
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part of the National Insurance Rating Board to begin to
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as little more than a machine or laboratory, certain substances introduced into
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Jack D. Knight, Jr. was seriously and permanently injured in an automobile
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adult males; The Amer. J. Med. Sci. 256:25-37 (July)
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Laboratory studies have not indicated any significant
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The following remarks in reference to incurables are extracted from the report:
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severity : they are surgical pains, brought into existence by the hand ; whilst
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which is entailed by the injudicious treatment of recent sprains.
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lating many diseases, and is most prone to be severe in the earlier cases.
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use: an affection of the nervous system approaching apoplexy, — syncope, — dys-
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over the burnt surface. He attributes the beneficial results of this mode of treat-
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play themselves in local disease of any part of the system, but not in ail
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of the last few years had convinced him that the most successful treatment was a
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entire line of contact. Indeed, it was not possible to distinguish that line,
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have his public speaking techniques analyzed by ex-
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1940 — Savannah — Mrs. Eustace A. Allen, Atlanta
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rates which still prevail in midwifery. I have sometimes been misunder-
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comprise, what we have to say, under two sections: examining under the
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asserting for the nervous functions a capacity of exclusive and independent dis-

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