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ally involving both in total darkness. There were no morbid appearances in
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our modern metliods, whether with or without douching, are vastly better
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It has been recommended in the hot stage of intermittents, when the
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hospital, but it is quite possible to discharge the pa-
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Down’s Syndrome studied in our laboratory indicat-
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ture, if the active components of Vitamin D metabo-
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Mr. Busk related two cases which had occurred in the Seaman's Hospital, for
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in a state of nudity, and there, with the assistance of the survivor of the
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Papain (from carica papaya). In catarrh of the stomach, carcinoma,
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versus enlargement of the parathyroid gland. Patient
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In using compression, Mr. Bellingham prefers making it by means of two in-
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form of the Fig Syrup it is a most palatable preparation, to which the youngest
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tion of yellow fever, it is somewhat remarkable that it has never occurred
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typically, the lesion— a flat or slightly elevated brown to red-brown
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H.B. 370 (Act No. 1199) — License and regulate am-
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ing” U.S. death toll from accidents — more than 1 15,000
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mous folio register open before him. A group of students is clustered about
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condition of things, the internal inflammation will be aggravated instead of abated,
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general sketch of the subject ; and prompted by a desire to respect that
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flushed out with hot water, and drainage by iodoform gauze, and glass
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phasizes early diagnosis and treatment, appropriate
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tomical peculiarities of the tissues in this region are as follows : The con-
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What stronger proof can we have of the bodily degeneracy of the human
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with at least a dozen cases of yellow fever in New Orleans, and Mobile,
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of the case would show that for its real, though more remote cause, we must go
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deeply stained at its greater curvature. In none was there any softening
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with the mucous membrane of the vagina. He mentions also, that with a lens
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endemic at Vera Cruz, both places being nearly parallel in latitude, both
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the Executive Committee and Council for a three year
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The author, after giving a critical account of the experiments made by Biot,
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of the United States, with reference to the subject of life insurance. By J.
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Arsenic, another poison in common use, is sold in all the bazaars. This poisoning
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tures, nay, even their exact nature, is by no means settled.
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table nitrogenous food, were important and effective means of reducing
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&c. A New Edition, with many Modifications and Additions, and the intro-
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Professor Eberle, in the last edition of his Therapeutics, vol. ii. p. 206, makes the
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The embryo, as it develops in its new situation, becomes thickened at
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