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easy of access, should they require to be tightened subsequent to the

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My own contention is entirely for the principle embodied in the right

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" In the preparation of the work, writings in a dozen languages have been

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smaller portion is for catastrophic coverage. The insur-

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Coli Commune," says this form of infection arises from changes in the

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when magnified by the highest power which we have used (610 diameters) show

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Dr. Norris; just issued complete by Messrs. Lea and Blanchard. This work has

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vain had attempted to repress; that when in London, she wrote to him she was

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is likely to be as useful in the hands of the surgeon, for the diagnosis of cancer-

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closer union also of the dura mater to the skull, the separation of a fragment of the

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philic porphyrins in a case of porphyria; Panminerva Med.

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tumour, apparently by the process of transudation. The growth of the

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ago of observing this fact. I was standing in the corridor of the Children's

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Are they narcotics? What narcotic produces such symptoms?

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The next International Congress of Gynecology will be held in Geneva,

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regarded as composed of three distinct layers, which are readily exhibited

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that this was a most effective way for a physician to

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are highly worthy of special notice. For, first, she set up a diseased condition

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" 9th. Schonlein says, ' The family of tubercular diseases is united with that of

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and less devised, that would certainly reveal important truths — we may

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benefit in old sprains, white swellings, from disease of the soft parts, and

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mistaken for those of cancer ; — Miiller placed them among cancerous growths;

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cal Care Review Organization were described for the

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movement of the eye, but not unfrequently is observed without any movement

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arc used to check bleeding, or to remove and diminish excessive discharges

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medical student, presented himself for treatment for hypertrophy

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very gradually, I believe, tends to set things right again."

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Nord, 6-58; Ille et Vilaine, 6-29: Pas de Calais, 4-94; Alsace, 3-21; Virginia,

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ered. It is also usually more eccentrically located.

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applied to the skin is readily absorbed into the economy ; that its applica-

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phlegmasia dolens; the patient was a female too, and had been confined a short

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(8) hyperflexibility of the joints, (9) dysplasia of

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nervous, and has had no apprehensions in regard to the result of her ac-

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