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the aflfection of the brain, for which the first operation had been done, the

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etiquette and honor lost to the country any doctor whose great talents

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On the authority of Dr. Allen Thomson, I am disposed to regard the fifiy

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Class J.—T. Kerr, J. McMaster, J. Semple, ceq. ; H. E. Armstrong, J. D. Windell, H.

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insufficient, but should stimulate to further experiment. August Martin

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doctor sues them for the difference between his full

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or services is significantly lower than that most com-

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114 Brown on the Treatment and Cure of Cretins and Idiots. [July

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mitted the adoption of a more appropriate one, to the cases marked by in-

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of iodide of iron or cod liver oil. These cases, too, although tedious, did

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continue still to protect the humours after the removal of the sclerotica and

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tion, and should be viewed as such. I trust it will be a

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pointing out that it was its understanding that the Com-

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with the question of its organization. Most microscopic observers of late years,

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mouth, lips, andnostrils being covered with a similar dark-coloured exudation.

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Dr. Samson, who is an able and conscientious physician, well known and

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work. We mention only these two names, because one has retired from

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its usual energy. Yet there are not wanting practitioners who overlook, in great mea-

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fever, glomerulonephritis. Deaths from hypersensitivity reaj

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function ; in large amounts it produces a depression of both rate and

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ing the existence of this growth, the necessity for surgical interference

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" Thus far the putrid and diffluent state of the foetus appeared to afford an easy

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when the alterations naturally affected afterbirth in the circulatory apparatus begin

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5 p.m., and found that the boat would not start till next day at 11 a.m.

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ether even at this critical juncture, forgetting it has been ordered that "in sorrow

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to the flow of the bile had never been complete; the orifice, though obstructed,

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