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iodoform crayons (formula of the Bichat Hospital) : Powdered iodoform,

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vice or services is significantly lower than that most

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needs of their child with Down’s Syndrome, there-

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tates the caseine ; the filtered fluid gives a coagulum with heat ; the

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sure, just above the pubis; has great thirst; skin hot and dry; tongue

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medical care would not solve all health problems. An-

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Some say it is because the Koreans sit on warm stone floors a good deal,

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medicines. Upon descending to the orders or fimilies we may look for the alli-

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cultivated for its brilliant milk-white flowers. It appears from the researches of

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mar J. et al.: Phlebotomy therapy in cutaneous porphyria;

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sis, but great difficulty in moving the left arm and leg." On the seventh

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genital chancres, which have been collected from the items given in the Ana-

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Hindoo, upon the banks of the Ganges. Every sail that whitens the ocean

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and combativeness and destructiveness, large) are all small, and have but

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had objected to several of the votes recorded for Dr. Spankie, on the

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tive this year as far as many of the individual mem-

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shall mention as isopathic with it, is hydrocephalus, or probably more

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erally a much weakened condition of health, and greater danger of sepsis

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along the triceps muscle to within five or six inches of the elbow-joint ; a

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a short time after the lowest point is reached, the temperature rises rapidly,

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ingly, endeavoured to collect it, and to represent it fairly. We think this has not

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boil on the calf of the leg, the others mere pustules.

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of April appeared well. The stools were coloured with bile; the urine was clear;

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deposition of tubercular matter upon the meninges of the brain, in a paper

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hospital which opened for admission of patients May 1, 1968. This hospital

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known patients to complain, under these circumstances, of distressing heat of sur-

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be said that more extensive research would furnish many cases in which death

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Dr. Cameron thought, if there was much organic matter in the stomach,

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average to about 8 ounces in the 24 hours. From this period it began to decrease ;

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warded a specimen of the blood to him in the above case, which he was

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Professor •£ Hygiene in the University of Toronto ; Surgeon to St. Michael's Hospital ;

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closest scrutiny of many observed cases, can the slightest abrasion be dis-

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