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similar plan. Close examination of the cases recorded in the present tables
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vian arteries, is capable of developing a sound, which has a great resemblance to
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ance of jaundice. At a consuhation on the case, it was determined to be irregu-
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Art. II. โ€” A very early Human Ovwn, presenting the ununited folds of
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M. Quensel makes an exhaustive observation on certain homogeneous
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woman about 28 years old, โ€” the attack commenced during a slight indisposi-
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ceased to pulsate; the tumour of the right side shrunk, but pulsation could
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sprayed with a two per cent, solution of cocaine, and a new soft rubber
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of the College of Physicians, &c. The Drawings on stone, by J. W. Colon.
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X De ['Auscultation Mediate. ยง Am. Journ. of Med. Sci., No. 32, p. 388.
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It is sometimes considered quite a joke when a medallist of one of our
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decrease of urea, and also, as functional results, we find in it sugar, albu-
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as large as a pigeon's egg. A third has been described as growing from
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be met in few countries; contrasting sadly with their present altered aspect after
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ants constantly subject to attacks of intermittent and remittent fever, the
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of the patients had a sore throat and a positive cul-
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Just think โ€” from two to three cents per week ! There are in this
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and itching, and give time to get rid of or overcome, if possible, the
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at night, Nov. 15th, after having been asleep an hour or more, with great
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irritated when the Board did not immediately initiate
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to be followed for the review of claims. Procedures are described for use by the
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could not be endured. Ordered savine ointment, to keep surface discharg-
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felt in the seat of the opening after the first day. There was no fever, nor

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