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Party operation in its state, MAG applied for and re-

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resentative shall direct the Executive Director as to

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Dr. Jug-genbuhl particularly mentions a circumstance, from its singularity

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In these opinions M. Cruveilhier was supported by MM. Velpeau and Jolly.

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The disease in no degree abated after the sick were in the fort ; on the

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Fever — the term being here used in its general sense to signify a peculiar

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least, that the injection would seem to be entirely innocuous, being followed

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tubercular patients are properly protected from danger of contagion from

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or not any part of this survives; or whether a totally

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Dr. Fox, of New York, then gave an exhibition of lantern slides, illus-

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same appearance. The loss of vision, I am inclined to think, was the

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commemorative gold medal, in the name of the citizens of Forli, the birth-

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proportion to the excess of the acid or the blood, the colour will be darker

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justified by the series of observations which the physician in general and

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the former case was had recourse to; the bon-es were bored with a gimlet, small

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tral board has always been to curtail their powers and diminish the num-

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immediately reapply the pressure to prevent further effusion. As a rule, in

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maim or disfigure, he shall be guilty of felony without benefit of clergy) for slitting

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not advanced as original. Mr. Carmichael long ago inculcated similar doctrines

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tour, level and position in relation to other organs

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titioners, originating parUy from necessity and partly from a love for science, and

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tomed to pass. Thus, in cases of transposifion of the aorta and pulmonary artery,

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deeply stained at its greater curvature. In none was there any softening

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eleven hours, consciousness returned, and the patient recovered.

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sive accomplishments, a system that is flexible and in-

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and his wife, and other witnesses of undoubted credit, that Miss Stout, although he

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with Valsalva, who made him share directly in his anatomical work, and

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ing power of the tissues." But this is a different matter from the abuse of

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