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In all these cases similar antiseptic precautions were applied to every-

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years, has decided not to be a candidate at the coming election for the

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Certain places have gotten the reputation of having climate specially

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empty (useless to order an enema). Pain seems to be between umbilicus

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cause the husband was excited and the baby was crying. The three or

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albumen, which, instead of being deposited in the glands or other tissues,

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on account of the difficulty of sterilizing the animal sutures abdominal

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He ascribed the cause to be found in beer alcoholism, excessive muscular

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may easily understand how it comes to be useful in scrofulous affections; but this

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the layers together. Antiseptic dressings and a binder are applied. There

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the following preparation. R. — Carb. ligni, 3j a Jij 5 pulv. rhei, 9ij ;

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found a tubercular area the size of a cent on the vaginal cervix, abundantly

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tation when judiciously given, and in small quantities, Borav, with a view to

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had said nothing of the supposed mode of growth of cancer cells, whether the

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which they are directed, they have not struck us as being perfectly con-

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Past President, the two preceding Immediate Past Presi-

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insufficient to account for the symptoms. Much of the softening of the

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and the facts deducible from their application respectively are clearly and

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eases of the arteries and veins, oral and facial surgery, surgical mycoses and

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been formed in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and London, for the purpose of rais-

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the addition of continued extension, for which purpose a starched bandage suffices.

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In this condition of the shoulder and arm, it was impossible to form an

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