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I had the opportunity of making a post-mortem examination, the isolated
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wick are leaving private practice in order to assume
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gradually recovered. In No. 26, hemiplegia of the left side of the body and
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ous and diversified to satisfy the tastes even of those who might come
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employed. Iberis is a family of plants belonging to the order Cruciferse. The
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From the above (table D) it is very evident that the pulse of aged females
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has pain in the forehead, but it is acute and lancinating, and not persistent. Its
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mated so as to close the wound. This operation, although more tedious,
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office or hospital, assisting physicians in their assess-
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not till every ray of light passing to the side of the iris was carefully intercepted
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half particularly of the ileum ; the* last three feet of the small intestine con-
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satisfactory proofs negativing the idea of suicide. Lord Campbell's account clears
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therefore, as the tide flows, or the waters retain the same level, throughout the
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Charles L. Scudder, in Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, August 2nd,
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vere aortic lesions. It is of interest to note that more
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(7) Obliteration on the proximal side gives rise to retention of septic
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appeared tinged of a yellowish colour. It is worthy of remark that there
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laid down in relation to the precise time that a blister should be left on a young
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chloroform as obtained from alkalifie solutions. All the bases of this class
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and that to a limited extent. In a case of spontaneous luxation of the femur, the
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Councilors. The President-Elect shall be elected annually
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but by a total absence of the respiratory murmur, while the chest over the

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