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10. Presentations. — Of the 932 children, subject of the present analysis,

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organ. All the morbid phenomena have been ascribed by some pathologists to

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Their small size and the absence of inflammatory reaction is thus readily

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hyoscyami, grs. ij of each, to be taken every evening at bed-time.

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of Philadelphia, died October 27th, in the sixty-fifth year of his age.

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Saturday morning, Aug. 25, 1844, with her first child, a girl, after a natu-

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extent, for example, as far as 135 grains in a day. Our author considers doses so

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medical profession deserves well of the people of Ontario. It has been

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The autopsy showed the aneurism to have its origin in the arch of the

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heat, of which we shall give an analysis, as it has a direct bearing on our

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ance of any "show," or anything resembling labor pains, they should be

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tonic, in the true meaning of that word ; it causes a constriction of the

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the ring, two or three lines from its margin and about four above the pubis,

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In the third case, the patient was taken with flooding on Sunday, but not pro-

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out, the pulse and respiration were quite suspended, and the only sign of

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ond edition of which appeared in 1888. — British Medical Journal.

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Covent Garden, London ; or to Wiley & Putnam, New York; or W. D. Ticknor,

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partment in order to expand existing hospital or build

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number of cases where, from mechanical or chemical injuries, adhesion between

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as usual. No treatment is pursued during a space of six months from the first

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like opening at the termination of the left ureter. The remaining portion of the

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cannot say that the results of the elections have furnished any great

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Dear Doctor, — I once more take advantage of your invitation to write

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very briefly. He gives minute details as to diagnosis and treatment. He

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Indeed, like this latter, the choroid is alone inservient to all the nutritive

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there has been a fracture, with a thin wall of fibrous

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