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world, and incalculable good was derived therefrom.
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sons who never had suffered from gonorrhoea. In all cases the prostatic
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Autopsy. March 20th, 1892. On removing the skull cap, the dura
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the founding of the Berlin society. By a vote of the Executive Coun-
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Phila.; J. R. W. Dunbar, Bait ; J. V.C. Smith, Boston; Gouverneur Emerson, Phila.;
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The author suggests the conjunction of sea bathing and mineral waters, with the
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G.: Exercise testing in adult normal subjects and cardiac
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the toxic action, not only of morphine and potassium permanganate, but
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extraordinary case, since Dr. Osborne's narrative of what he thought he had accom-
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medical schools, as he presented to them unrestrict-
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vagina. The patient, aged 40, had had three children within the previous three
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measles, and says that the eruption goes through its periods with unusual
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same row of huts with the soldiers both died of the fever. From Pao de
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sistants can be hired only by physicians in private
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blood, and however opposed this may be to certain hypothetical notions with
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white exudate protruded through the tracheal wound. Upper surface of
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At the school of midwives nearly every newly-delivered patient has the
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of tissue degeneration, as the result of which peptone finds its way into
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uterine hemorrhage, is accounted for by the diminished nutrition fur-
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were opened on time — not an hour or even a few minutes late — and were
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from its many sources, is undoubtedly the most fruitful of mental derangement.
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treated in the Copenhagen Hospital, in the mixed mode. Gibert and Ricord,
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of which a cure was accomplished in fourteen after a protracted period. In the
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the isoelectric line rapidly (within 0.08 seconds).

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