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for drink, acidulated with lime-juice. Cold applications to head. Cloths

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Many physicians who are obtaining some of the best results to-day in

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not rare, and the fathers of these want a proportionately higher reward for

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pulse of 34 sane women, in good health, whose medium age was 71 years,

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of temperature, and why the wintry weather is the time in which the inflic-

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heart disease, congenital heart disease or coronary atherosclerotic heart disease is

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are found to be 47 and 25 square inches in the diseased, and 10 and 6^

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overindulgence in a genetically predisposed animal.

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sick list and the mortality became much greater at this than they had been at any

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complained still of languor. I should mention, that while he was lying on the

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provement of our modes of relieving those formidable and most miserable rup-

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He dealt with the unfortunate result of an infected person marrying, and

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have taken the same substance for a week without any untoward effects.

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Another observation is that 75 per cent of the carcinomas occur in relatively

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Dr. Lucas-Chamionni^re, of Paris, gave a report of sixty-four cases of

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10 grammes (2)^ drachms) ; iodoform, i gramme {isH grains). Hard

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thyroid hormone secretion during chronic hemodialysis;

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prolonged etherization of the mother. In these two cases the action of the foetal

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"The number of pulsations," says Adelon, in his Traite de Physiologic,

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matter of principle should be eliminated. Physicians

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A writer in the Lancet says : " I have not failed once for many years,

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most beneficial as well as one of the most brilliant and difficult operations

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sidered by a large proportion of the profession as a legitimate matter for

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face, similar, as Gilkrest remarks, to what occurs on ecchymosed parts, a line

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