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physiological facts and opinions, which are, at present, received as well estab-

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of the surface in those affected with abnormal apertures in the cardiac septa de-

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no less than three Separate articles devoted to the consideration of this

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pulse of 34 sane women, in good health, whose medium age was 71 years,

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supervision and control established by laws to protect

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able. The cervix is somewhat enlarged, hard, and nodular. Adnexa

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should be resorted to, provided its use in a natural case of labour be decided upon,

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in the morning, followed by high fever and vomiting; the vomiting occurs four or

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the cases which have come under our observation, of which accurate histories are

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Jr., Ronald F. Galloway, Preston D. Ellington, James

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tongue, and moderate fever, which reached 104° on the third day. The

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cal characteristics of the cretin. They have in common, as has been

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great proportion of the patients he saw at Grafenberg were affected with

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number, went to their respective homes every night, except those from

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or eight years that anything like uniformity of opinion as to the causes

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the entities of disease : for example, meningitis, pleuritis, and otitis

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