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Ninth District — Mrs. Paul T. Scoggins . . 222 Washington Avenue.
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tural properties; whereas, in the other, in consequence of the effect of the air, or
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wish, my paper has become suggestive rather than exhaustive.
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tates the caseine ; the filtered fluid gives a coagulum with heat ; the
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though the urine had not been passed for twelve hours. No marks of hernia were
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''When carcinomatous disease attacks the oesophagus and cardia, the counter-
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down to normal, and remained normal for four days, when she had another
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not think we could brush aside the foreign body as not being an element
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the running thread tied around the cup. A similar thread and incision is
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ture of the body, 98°. 5. It increases the appetite, and persons of weak
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— Your reference committee recommends approval of
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it happen that this is not generated wherever the above conditions mentioned
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Four cases were preceded by puerperal convulsions. This is in the proportion of
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to 2,000) by instillation or spray, with prompt and safe resolution after the

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