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statements we have the explanation of the latency or obscurity of
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foreign medical journals, given many practical hints in regard to the
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from four to six pairs of plates were all that were required ; but, from
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sleep with slight traces of sensibility, but no hyperajsthesia. He
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there is some contraindication, I usually begin my drug treatment with
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ether in the serum which is not held by the tissue cells because of
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discovered. [Douglas has described a case of streptococcus endocar-
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tip. Larger ones may be estimated by expelling the dose on the
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arteriosclerosis, when repeated rupture of the vessels has occurred, is.
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Exudate serum. — This was obtained by allowing the fresh
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November 16: Much weaker; emaciation; killed with strychnine.
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required by phenol for the same result. If results are desired in
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coccus. Our experience in this investigation, however, impressed
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age so as to promote anaerobic conditions as far as possible, while

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