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perforated piston, so that the testicles might be kept at the bottom of the

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maintain their fees for several years and then increase

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Syphilis and Gonorrhea” will be presented by Wil-

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laid for etiology, diagnosis, and therapeusis. A new meaning and character

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above related is the first under my own observation in which ulceration or

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gressional District lines. It is a complex undertaking.

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in 1889 and 1890 the ligation of uterine and ovarian arteries in cases of

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is proportioned to the coldness of the water, and (ceteris paribus) is slower

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artificial oedema with other fluids — with or without a little common salt —

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facts. In the first place the isomorphic and isomeric characters of tuber-

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that relates to the etiology of the disease it falls far below it in the positiveness and

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were inservient to my purpose, I found that I had engaged in a vast field

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friends about him there was both confusion and alarm. Hearing a noise, he

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spoke highly of the use of the stomach tube in dyspepsia, and he had

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depressing effects of prolonged anaesthesia, the " open treatment," with

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who, though they have no interest in philosophy, de-

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ered by Dr. Jacobi, of New York, chairman of the committee for the

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during the day. In the night she sweat profusely on the upper part of

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forefathers — "ancestral gynecology," as Cheron scornfully calls it. It

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one to view it in some one of those numerous phases which may possibly

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case of midwifery, each for a fixed sum. The surgeon or physician of an

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Case 12 occurred in a patient who passed eighteen years, from the birth

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Dr. Strange was in favor of non-interference until there was the presence

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porte, were then partially closed, so as to allow me to introduce that instru-

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Then, carefully picking up, first, the fascia, and cutting it, I came upon

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occurred in London, and in 1771, a disease of a like character prevailed in

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factor in the treatment the favorable issue is due. Considering each of

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afterwards it is placed under the nose of the person to be operated upon, who is

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of a caoutchouc bag, or, what I prefer, a syringe, with a " three-way valve," by

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with the tension of the parietes of the vagina after the union of the edges of the

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with or without tenotomy, do not effect a cure ; (2) correction by means

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not too much infected with the poison. He advised medicinal treatment

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potash-lye, a chancre was produced. Inoculations with the secretion from

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