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real work of the congress — 2,700 papers had been presented, but few,

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degree of compressibility and alteration of shape. Or the common bone-forceps

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the spine of the scapula, and extended downwards and forwards to the

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should be applied to the sides of the child's head, and describes in a very lucid

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Dr. Morris gave an explanation of the cure of peritoneal tuberculosis

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placed in splints, and carefully bandaged. In ten days it was apparent, from the

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little sooner, and occasionally at a later period. The most common effect, and

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distended, j9«i??/w/ on pressure^ bowels disturbed four times in the night,

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39. Diagnosis of Strangulated Hernia in the Foramen Ovale. — By Dr. Roeser, of

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in right. The power of flexing the foot on the leg was greater on left

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After administering the charcoal for five or six days, the animals were seve-

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out, and then, by means of a 7-inch sound, a solution of six to

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(from two to four) — not longer, in fact, than until the skin is reddened, when ve-

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of reading matter, well printed, and presented in a neat form. Notwithstand-

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his eye a black card with an aperture a little larger than the pupil, the reflection

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salpingitis, amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhcea, could be successfully treated

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free. The dressing is completed by wrapping one or two layers of aseptic

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cause of its far reaching consequences it commanded

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