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ache, and a burning in the eyes, are the first symptoms of the disorder, and if they
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siderable advantages: — In the case of a young lady, affected four years with
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^' Fever," Dr. Wood defines to be " an acute affection of the system, in which
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has found nothing do so much good as a gargle of lime water and bark.
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pound lincomycin.* In a study conducted in healthy,
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bed, and brandy wxxx. every four hours. A spray of iodine and carbolic
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the inhalation of ether, for the purpose of annihilating pain in surgical operations,
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blood is more suddenly and effectually abstracted than by leeches, besides
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work ; second, that the secretary of this association communicate at once
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assume the responsibility for the accreditation of local |
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44 Halloweil on Endemic Gastro-follicular Enteritis. [July
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1953 — Savannah — Mrs. Ralph W. Fowler, Marietta (Deceased)
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caused by the resorption of putrid masses from the cavum uteri. This
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which was relieved by touching them with a solution of nitrate of silver. After
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duction to the vitiated air resulting from the crowding of human beings in
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tion times. WBC counts, differentials and urinalyses
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of delicate tubes than of globules and large tubes — about thirty or fifty to one, more
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Obviously, the treating physician will do none of these things, and it appears
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Leflaive had preceded me in this line of study by at least four years, and
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in the gut where approximation had been made by means of the button.
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This he expresses as follows : " In regard to the condition of the patient
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cutting, scratching, and scraping could be done absolutely without pain.
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the treatment of tubal disease by dilating the uterine orifice by means of
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and at the same time it was necessary that there should be sufficient space

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