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consequently, diminished resisting power. Alcohol unquestionably

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and filled with an opaline-coloured serous fluid. Immediately over the central

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depths of it ; a sick man does not attempt to deceive his doctor, or put the

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was especially evident on placing it in water, or examining perpendicular sec-

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cutting down and relieving the possible dangers of compression ?

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phenomena, progress and results; its effects upon the blood and upon par-

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fatty tissue, and thus produces cicatrices in organs. It is very difficult to- prove

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Another example of aneurism of the vertebral artery is mentioned by

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and effectively provide accessible services for known

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out the cavities thoroughly, remove all the affected glands possible, and

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No. 4. Cancer under the endocardium. The nodule is readily dis-

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lower part of ilium was covered with numerous isolated petechial spots, of the

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faradization of the stomach walls. He showed Einhorn's button, which the

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The patient having taken gtta. L. of M'Munn's elixir of opium one hour

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building material employed by nature to repair the breaches in living

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een reported to cause reduction in RAI uptake without pro-

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convulsions), following discontinuation of the drug and similar

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Poor farmer, set. 33, formerly having bronchitis with anemia, having

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A woman, 30 years of age, Ill-para, family history negative. In 1878

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served ably in this capacity as well as in his other

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of preventing inflammation in the wound. Facts might be adduced to show

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This is but one example of a great class of patients which come under

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could only pass it up to the prostate gland, which I found to be enlarged.

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1847.] "Woodi^s Treatise on the Practice of Medicine. 149

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