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enough, in which tubercle is discharged abundantly, and in a state of com-
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remains then the albuminous condition of the urine: and, notwithstanding what
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prussic acid to mesmerism; but, from the days of Tobit to TurnbuU, the same
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cannot fail to delineate a likeness. The latter will ever be subject to the whims, the
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trepanation of the skull for epilepsy. Good results were observed when
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from the age of forty-five to that of fifty, when this sense is usually lost.§
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strikingly exhibits the frequency and severity of the other accidents which
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birth, when the capillary vessels are naturally more capacious than they are in
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his fancies. To the careless observer, it appeared as though he endeavored
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per or red colour, to a silver tint : this happens sometimes in consequence of a slight
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a half gills of serum. The heart contained polypi, but had a healthy
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them to the point that they failed to receive the kind of
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system is now infected, but with the very smallest quantity of poison.
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' It is difficult to say anything definite as to partyism in the new council.
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should be confined to the breast, with the occasional use of barley water,
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has been perhaps the most active and productive year
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the placenta did not appear. It was novvr 10 o'clock A. M.,and, hemorrhage
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stitis supervenes. On the other hand, swelling of the gall-bladder, with or
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13. Physiological effects of Ether. — The eflects of the inhalation of ether, and the
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and effectively provide accessible services for known
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tumours of the mamma, which never degenerated into cancer, although he fre-
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Central Lesions at Birth a Cause of Melena Neonatorum.
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duce such a diversity in the range of thought, that no undue burden should be laid
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preservative, is in fact more properly but a prolonged process of destruction. It
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worked out. The utility of history for this purpose

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