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bluish, or, more frequently, black and livid spots, equal with the surface of the

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of loose paper, and, with each tumbler newly charged, the inhalers resumed

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— Your reference committee recommends approval of

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urine yielding this reaction is shaken, a violet-colored foam is produced.

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Saunders' Question Compends. No. 14. Essentials of Diseases of Eye,

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membrane. The tonsils and fauces were very slightly injected and

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The second class of diseases includes, according to the arrangement and

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the scribe, the steamship the primitive craft of the Argonauts, or the mag-

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City Hospital, Hamilton. We understand that Dr. K. Mcll wraith has been

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back and shoulders. Dr. Currie used water between 40° and 50° F. ;

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and stomach were not always associated. The gastric extravasations were

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ing not a particle of urine ; mucous membrane pale.

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7. Left hip and leg (Ca. Colon: Lumbosacral plexus)

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began to recover.- The amendment continued for several months; he became fat

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on the subject of the Extract of Sarsaparilla in Venereal Affections, by Benjamin

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whole can look with pride at our two medical schools,

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communications chores — then the outcome seems totally predictable.

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" In a case of acute rheumatism, complicated with nodes on the shins

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very minute distinction can be made oif these various conditions. Meantime,

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that the disease with which the crew of the Eclair were afflicted, that which

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common, and we are aware as yet of no instance in which the treatment by pres-

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* For a full account of Dr. Sharpey's investigations, see MuIIer's Physiology by

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have or how successful they will be in universal appli-

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of the spleen could not be demonstrated intra vitam. A purulent peri-

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recommended to Council that Podiatrists not be grant-

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perfectly convinced that it is a very safe and important remedy, in many cases in

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soon extending to both; the swelling gradually engages the gums lining the molar

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