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in a disordered state. It is chiefly when the arch of the colon becomes obstructed,

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authors have ascribed its origin in all cases to a general constitutional dia-

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for 1972. With virtually 100 per cent of our time and

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vidual wholly of his consciousness and force him to give himself helplessly

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this operation, though I must admit that complete disappearance of the

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board of the Marietta First Lfnited Methodist Church,

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more than two applications were necessary to abort the disease, and in

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and radius, and passing out in front tore the flesh about i ^ inches each

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glands of the neck are swollen. He has strabismus. His tongue is thick,

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Tibialis anticus and extensor longus digitorum. Same as peronei.

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is attributed to Olshausen that obstruction after ovariotomy is always due

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about biochemical mechanisms involved; Ann. N.Y. Acad.

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the medical profession is both wrong and inaccurate.

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to be the principal method of treatment adopted, especially in early cases

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numerous short, broken, dry, lustreless hairs were to be seen which could

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sometimes meet with irritable nervous subjects, whose tongues are habitually

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They are to be seen chiefly on the legs and thighs, often on the arms, breast, and

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— Your reference committee approves this report with

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If an intestinal fistula results, it usually closes readily in a few weeks under

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" I shall now send the patient to the chiropodist around the corner, with

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Did you realize that come next month — that is, with the May issue of the

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Leonards, J. R.: Plasma parathormone, calcium and phos-

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Committee and MAG is interested in continually pro-

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