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point. The patient expectorated two or three spoonfuls of blood, mixed with

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ing that the very nature of things will tend to render very uncommon the adhibi-

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Bones. The tibia is broken one and a half inches above the internal

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could succeed in injecting it in adults. This would only explain the rea-

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responsibility for such work ? There seems to be considerable doubt

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jaws swollen and painful. Temperature, 100.6° ; pulse, 130. Urine

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The Death-Wound of Carnot.— The death of the President of France

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are not accustomed to riding a bicycle. With tread- :

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such as cachexy, &c.,of the latter state being absent, we were encouraged

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act — will drag out their lives, martyrs to surroundings which they have

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fever. For us, as for the school of Hippocrates, fever is always a condi-

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tion was much improved; to make use of her own expression, '' it was looking

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Where is the disease ? And therewith the scientific method of examina-

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a half The viscus was thought by all who saw it to be cancerous, and yet he

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invariable consequence of a suppression of the cutaneous functions ; and,

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subside. On the I7th, blood was drawn, and two ounces of castor-oil adminis-

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Rest is laid down as a first principle in the treatment ; it should be as com-

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Avere not examples of the disease at all; but M. Sedillot believes the pathological

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istration than to physiological action. The student will find described in this

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If the paralysis comes on immediately after the injury, it is tolerably cer-

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resourceful, and has bred in Canada a host of practical men, perhaps,

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a small nodule appeared on her right cheek, which, when it was removed,

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