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occupy in the musical scale. Independently of the falsetto, the compass of the

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day, and its course is shortened in other cases. He adds, " Injury has

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nal, and all communications for it should be made to the publishers^ under whose

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sive tuberculous disease, with much destruction of bone, his rule is, if

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It appears from the report, that Dr. Stribling is endeavouring to introduce man-

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unimproved, excepting lightning pains in the abdominal walls, below the

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consideration are outside the ranks of the members of lodges.

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So that in none of these cases can the occurrence of the fever be fairly

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well. Of these 28, 14 had enteroptosis, 7 had the right kidney displaced,

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wisely and well, and, as a consequence, we will have in the new council a

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under current investigation by Georgia Regional Med-

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ease even where we do not discover any visible change.

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of drug (carcinoma of the pancreas or other biliary obstruction

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have likewise opened a communication between the bladder and vagina,

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thirty grains per day, or, in some cases, asaprol, and more rarely phenace-

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high, and in twenty-four or thirty hours life has been crushed out by an

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with others that they seem to occur toward the close of a desquamative

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Causes of Death. — Inflammation of liver, 1; dropsy, 4; inflammafion of brain,

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tions, intended to be corrected, were the resuh of mere disordered function. All

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