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cause of lack of space), we are presently engaged in

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1847.] McWilliam's Report on the Fever at Boa Vista. 423

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396 Michel on the Structure, ^c, of the Ciliary Processes, [Oct,

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β€”in the last, at a low temperature, they act as stimulants.

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in which the outer layer of the germinal membrane begins to fold itself

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During the scene at Van Nest's, he received a severe wound in the arti-

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A great deal has been said about so-called speculation in real estate.

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was found. The third was in an Indian woman of about fifty years of age.

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expulsion from the body. Continues Liebig: β€” "Let us now suppose that

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then, something in this operation that appeals to those of conservative

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that the locality of the pain does not always correspond to the locality of

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besides talking with the people and listening to them in order to get our

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suppurative complications and to eliminate the anti-

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general sketch of the subject ; and prompted by a desire to respect that

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boiling water. The application of cold water was commenced immediately after

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tea, be used habitually during the summer, in those cases in which there

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pital Advisory Council and hopefully will present the ;

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swelling pressure on the nerves causes increased pain. The effused blood

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debility. This is true also of cold β€” while its immediate effect is simply

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fever are essentially different. Though heat is indispensable to the produc-

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as a simple, and in his experience, efficacious plan of treating dissection-wounds.

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\3. Rabinovitch, J. and Pines, B.: Idiopathic segmental

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testing may be misleading after a significant period

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of the prostatic secretion showed an abundance of pus cells. The third

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heart was carefully watched by Dr. S. with the stethoscope, and did not vary above

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one of the evidences of the delivery of the child at the full time ; and, con-

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the face or head. The case of M. Velpeau (No. 35) is so rare and inter-

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