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know that many of these are exceptionally good men, who may be expected

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Out of the same number, viz., 820, twenty-one were bom dead. This shows a

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on the artery, gave some relief; the benefit derived from it was only

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without medical aid, but from this period, the left testicle commenced to

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at first like ulcerations upon its surface, but on a more careful examination

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medical and surgical. It is almost impossible at the present day for any one

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and happened to be making a visit in Toronto at the time of the meeting.

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postgraduate programs for continuing medical educa- ■

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ening and relaxation of the parts which are induced. The fear lest contractions of

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Subcommittee on Allied Health John T. Godwin, M.D., Chairman

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limitations from the studies of Salans et al. at the

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^^ At present we must be content with knowing the malarious influence only by

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other food was allowed but the thinnest liquids. Rice water was the prin-

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the berries of the solanum dulcamara are poisonous? and second, whether

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et al.: Hyperbeta-lipoproteinemia in acute intermittent

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age. The crossing of the threads may be repeated as often as is deemed neces-

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portion of the blood, which was rich with these remains. At the expiration of 72

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— Your reference committee recommends receiving of

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pepsia, from pregnancy, from uterine disease or disorder, &c. Another comi-

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of the spleen, neither at the end of forty seconds, nor of twenty minutes, nor even

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bandage, crossing under the arms and over the opposite shoulders. At this time

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procedure has aroused considerable interest, and has

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symptoms produced from the functions disturbed, the diseases by which

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" On the whole, therefore," Dr. G. remarks, " it may be stated, as the result of

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The character and sex of the skull seem to have little bearing upon

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putrefaction occurs, and poisonous substances are formed and then ab-

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Five drops of this pure oil were administered to a rabbit, and no effect being

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