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tional Commission for the Study of Nursing and Nurs-
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way have confirmed the general impression that the retina is not frequently the
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they are placed under the jurisdiction of one agency of
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deemed not wholly unworthy the consideration of the learned.
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they chose to call scalping ; or, in plain terms, they cut away six or eight
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conclusions of Dr. Glover based upon the several facts and opinions advanced in
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venience of the members. It is generally considered that there is no better
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that it is very often aggravated by worms, but such a complication has not
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had occasion to submit their own persons to a surgical operation, they should pre-
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an irritation may be transmitted directly from the diseased organ through
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cases in which the entire circumference of the anus is involved. In ordi-
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ently healthy. It, however, is not impossible that the patient may have had a
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fully conscious of the responsibility which attaches to the chief executive
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researches, we must express our inability to yield our convictions to the
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1293 Peachtree Street, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30309
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& Sons, 4 Bath Passage, Birmingham, price 4^d. per Bb., in tins contain-
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The results now presented, approximate closely to those of Leuret and
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be born. The membranes broke about four o'clock, being the first symp-
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membranes are the object of invesfigation, a section, by means of Valentin's dou-
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tients the same fluid contains an excess of uric acid. This, of course, is all
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length, and its middle should be opposite the umbilicus, if the lump were
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The third case differed from the two preceding, in that it was of older date ; but
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