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contractions, to penetrate far enough into the uterus to reach the left foot : he found
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^' The brain is peculiarly susceptible to irritation of an essentially nervous cha-
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of clot associated with platelet and plasma factor de-
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the di (Terence but the changes this structure has undergone 1 How are dried stems
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salol, naphthalem, and bismuth salts. Its antiseptic properties probably
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of this subsidence is one of the most remarkable features of renal disease
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and died with high fever, delirium, and black vomit. She was taken ill
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Case II. — Patrick Clark, aetat. 1 year and 8 months, hair brown, eyes
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from the former, was found occupying the pouch, and containing about
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keuce a complete separation from the rest of the vascular system.
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ably with ablation of the adnexa by abdominal section.
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which, however, was repressed by the free application of ice water. After
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the last leaving him in a state of perfect collapse, and he died on the 5th.
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On the morning of the 17th of April, I was desired to visit an old gen-
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pulse of 34 sane women, in good health, whose medium age was 71 years,
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no occasion for it ; whilst conversing he asked for a basin, and threw up a
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generally adopted by later physiologists. — Proceedings of Royal Society, No. 65.
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and combinations as pepsin. Ingluvin was introduced to the notice of the
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various objects treated upon, as there is no one more capable of elucidating the
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ing the conjoined aponeurosis in the same line with scissors. In the
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tinues beyond the fourth day, I think it safer for the patient that calomel
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liable to be interrupted ; hence, the securing of the free action of the skin,
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for the thermal protection of nerves outside the bony cavities.
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the object of this extraordinary arrangement, were it not to realize some
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mg q.i.d., could be tried if excess sodium is contra-
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also in the lower intercostal spaces. On the right tonsil was a patch of

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