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ruptured, and slightly above this rupture the muscles were torn

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animals, and can only be compared to certain forms of verrucous lupus.

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to gauge them or to display them after a fashion which will secure for

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lay down during the day, but rose on the slightest disturbance. The

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of methcemoglobin. At the same time they exercise a general antitoxic action. Their use

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more important communications he had received from gentlemen unable

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ability and courtesy with which he has filled the office of President of

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sibly you may have yourselves seen cases of the swelling of inguinal

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chloroform, Mr. Teale introduced into the bladder a bulbed sound;

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the description of symptoms was very exact, but the treatment was em-

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influenza, strangles, hemoglobinuria, septicaemia, pyaemia, and other

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schools, who utterly exhaust their strength with strong

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In commencing old age, cold should be especially avoided ; the old

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About three in the afternoon of the 2nd March, 1895, it was playing

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