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peatedly noticed by Lugol, whose experience and observations upon this
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cal characters — causes, treatment and prevention. The views of the au-
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of peristaltic movement of the intestines following sepsis or injury to the
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so important a class of diseases, and about which there is still such lamentable
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in this case illustrates the fact, as stated by authorities on brain tumors,
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be simulated by the cold bath, from an hour to two hours, — the hot stage
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1847.] Michel on the Structure, 4'C., of the Ciliary Processes. 398
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treated with a harshness and brutality in accordance with this belief,
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egg, upon which boiling water had been poured ; occasionally they consisted
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tion of a catarrhal character, and proved fatal on the thirteenth day. The
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ray * gave a clinical report of six cases of double pyosalpinx. He had
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Okel, vice-president; John P. Heard, president-elect;
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1847.] Pennock on the Frequency of the Pulse, <^c., of the Aged. 71
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cavities of the heart, will be found in the fact that a cause of obstruction which is
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stances, there will be strong grounds for concluding that the visit of the Eclair, and
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is exerted on their movements by the raucous membranes; and finds that they
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locytosis; thrombocytopenia; hemolytic anemia; aplastic anemia:
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ring, and, at the same time, to compress the neck of the sac. A single
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ceal the molars; the breath at the same time is most offensive, resembling that of
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The patient's appetite must be improved. This is best accomplished
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ship between P.C.T.-A. and iron remains essentially
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advocated heroic surgery. In his first introductory lecture, published by
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benefit, having pushed it in one case till tetanic spasms ensued. He had
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ments, contains numerous changes in the Medicare, Med-
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havior is largely due to educational practices of the

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